Frequently asked questions

To what extent can I personalise one of your templates?

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My website templates can be personalised in terms of:


Gather all your wedding information through a form, and I'll seamlessly update the website with details like dates, locations, dress code, accommodations, and directions.


Choose from our selection of website templates or, for an additional fee, request a custom theme. If you have your own illustrations, we can incorporate them into the website template at no additional charge.

An illustration for each section

Please choose from a diverse collection of animated illustrations or, for an additional fee, request custom illustrations (e.g., your wedding venue). If you have your own illustrations, we can incorporate them into the website template at no additional charge.

Website layout

Please choose up to 5 sections or 5 pages from our available options, including the Password page, the Program, Gift Registry, RSVP, and FAQs. Additional pages or sections can be added at an extra cost.

Colour palette

Feel free to pick from one of my ready-made colour palettes, or if you're looking for something truly unique, you can request a custom one at an additional cost.


Please choose one of our thoughtfully selected fonts for both headings and body paragraphs or explore additional fonts by visiting MyFonts or Creative Market.

What if I need a custom theme or illustration?

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If you need a custom theme and/or illustration (e.g., illustration of your venue), please send an email to or contact me through the website's form. Based on your request, I will send you a special quote.

N.B. When a new theme and/or illustration is created, you will have design exclusivity for 6 months after your event. After that, they will become available for future clients.

I have the illustrations, can you use them?

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Of course I can, I would be happy to include your own illustrations at no extra cost.

I have the design, can you build my website?

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Yes, absolutely. I can turn designs and ideas into pixel-perfect and easy to manage Webflow websites. Please send your Figma design to and I will prepare a special quote for you.

What if I need a custom website?

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If you prefer not to begin with one of my website templates, I offer the option to craft a bespoke website from the ground up. This involves creating a distinctive design on Figma and personalised development on Webflow. With this choice, we have the flexibility to create as many pages and sections as needed, tailoring each aspect to your unique preferences and specific requirements. The starting price for a custom website is 1950€.

What are your payment terms?

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50% of the total amount will be invoiced before the start of the project and the remaining 50% will be invoiced after completion. The project starts after payment of the first invoice.

Apart from your fee, is there any extra cost involved?

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In addition to my fee, you will need to pay for a Webflow hosting plan and a custom domain.

Regarding Webflow hosting, the price would be 29$ per month billed monthly or 23$ per month billed annually. Once the Webflow website has been approved, I will transfer it into your own Webflow account and instruct you on how to set up your hosting plan.

As for the custom domain, the average price is around 1-30€ per year and it varies based on popularity, the domain extension (e.g., .com) and other factors. Please visit GoDaddy to discover the available domains. Once the purchase is done, I will need you to send me both your Webflow and GoDaddy login details so that I can successfully connect your custom domain to your website.

Will I be able to edit the website by myself?

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Certainly. By hosting your website with Webflow, you will have access to its editor where you can easily update texts and images. However, if you're looking to add changes to the layout or create whole new sections, you would need to contact me to do it.

At the end of the project, I will provide you with a video tutorial on how to manage your website. If required, I can offer a one-on-one training at an additional cost.

What advantage does Webflow have?

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Webflow is a platform that lets you build any website you can imagine with the full power of HTML, CSS, and Javascript in a visual canvas.

Thanks to Webflow I can finalise projects faster — without sacrificing quality. I can get initial designs into your hands in days, not weeks, and I will be able to implement your changes with ease.

In addition, Webflow’s Editor gives you access to your content in a controlled environment so you can make edits and updates, without fear of bringing it all crashing down.